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The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

Formerly Known as the International Home + Housewares Show

New Product Showcase

Products never before seen at The Inspired Home Show have been gathered here so that the industry can get a first-hand look at what’s new this year.

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2020 Keynotes

Innovation: The Key to Success through Color & Trends

Vital to the concept of innovation is originality—a surprise, an edge, a twist or even a slight alteration to a familiar design. Most importantly, the trend to reinvented and imaginative color combinations within a palette can make the difference in attracting consumer awareness and acceptance. Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman, IHA’s own color guru, walks you through the leading trends and the rationales for how, when and why they will work in the marketplace.

The Modern Consumer - Definitions, Drivers & Directions to 2030 (PPT)

American consumers have never been more diverse, demanding or complex, sharing affluence and influence across four generations with distinctly different desires and expectations.  The next decade promises dramatic changes in both the shape and composition of the American home environment, creating an enduring surge in demand for new solutions and innovations. Tom Mirabile, principal and founder of Springboard Futures and IHA’s consumer trend forecaster, explores what’s driving consumption today. Links to additional information can be found in the notes sections of many slides, as well as many photos, and can be accessed by rolling over the image.

IHA Market Watch 2020 

Five Key Consumer Lifestyle Trends Shaping How, What and Where Home + Housewares Products are Purchased


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Global Innovation Awards (Gia)

Recognizing and Honoring Excellence in Home & Housewares Retailing

TIHS on Windy City Live

Five Trendy Products from The Inspired Home Show 2020

After The Inspired Home Show 2020 in Chicago was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns, Leana Salamah, VP of Marketing for IHA, brought the best of the show to Windy City LIVE’s studio. Learn about five trendy products representing the 5 key product trends for the next year!