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Prepare your budget with booth space rates, labor and material handling costs, and utilities information. And don’t miss exclusive hotel rates and incentives for exhibitors at The Inspired Home Show 2021 to keep your expenses low.

2021 Booth Space Cost*

Outlined below are some of the main costs associated with exhibiting:

Membership (non-refundable):

  • Housewares annual sales under $10 million: $500
  • Housewares annual sales over $10 million: $800

Cost to Exhibit:

  • Member:  $17.00/sq. ft.
  • Non-Member:  $24.00/sq. ft.

Corner fees: $400 per corner

* Standard booth sizes are in increments of 10’w x 10’d or 10’w x 15’d.
Cost examples for a 10’ x 10’ booth (100 sq.ft.) / 3m x 3m (9 sq. m) booth:
Member rate under $10 million housewares sales: $1,700 + $500 = $2,200.
Member rate over $10 million housewares sales: $1,700 + $800 = $2,500.
Non-Member rate: $2,400.

Booth Structure

Exhibitors must make their own booth arrangements, including back wall, carpet and furnishings. The use of pipe & drape is prohibited and is not provided. Companies have three options:

  • Work with IHA’s official service contractor, Freeman. Visit exhibitor services manual under Official Service Contractor to review the booth packages and other materials for the 2021 Show. Note: 2021 booth packages will be available April 2021.
  • Obtain quotes from other exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs) / display houses. A list of IHA’s recommended EAC’s is available upon request.
  • Ship your own booth to the Show and do your own set up. Please note you will still need to pay shipping and material handling costs. However, you can save by setting up your own booth or using the Automobiles and Small Utility Vehicle (ASUV) program. More information on exhibitor work rules can be found at exhibitor services manual under General Info/Show Guidelines. Note: 2021 shipping information will be available April 2021.
Labor & Material Handling / Drayage

If you are working with Freeman or hiring an EAC to build your booth, you will need to hire labor. Note: 2021 Labor Rates will be available in April. For a rate estimate, increase the 2020 Advance Rates by 5%.

Straight time: $112.00/hr
Time-and-a-half: $168.00/hr
Double Time: $224.00/hr

All shipments to the convention center will be received and handled by Freeman. View the 2020 materials handling rates at exhibitor services manual under Shipping Information. Note: 2021 material handling rates will be available in April 2021. For a rate estimate, increase 2020 rates by 5%.


You will need to order your utilities (electrical, plumbing and gas) through Freeman and telecommunications (phone and internet) through McCormick Place. 2021 rates will be available at exhibitor services manual under Official Service Contractor and Convention Center Services in Spring 2021. Note: 2021 rates will be available in April 2021. For a rate estimate, increase the 2020 rates by 5%.


IHA has negotiated low hotel rates and housewares-only incentives to help keep your Show-related expenses down. Visit Hotels & Travel to view our special rates and offers, or to reserve your rooms

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