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Social Media Guidelines

When posting content to social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, please tag our official Show handles as listed below and include the official Show hashtag (#TIHS21) in all of your posts. You can view a list of all of our show hashtags on this page, to be used as is relevant to the content being posted.

Following these guidelines will get your content added to the live social streams displayed throughout the Show for more exposure. Our social team will also be monitoring those streams and may stop by your booth to take photos and share your booth and event info based on what you’re sharing! As an added bonus, the Social Media and Digital Marketing Center will be staffed by digital marketing and live streaming specialists to answer any questions you may have while you’re in Chicago!

Official Handles:


Official Hashtags:


Social Central

Social Central, located in the Hall of Global Innovation (Lakeside), offers free consultations with the experts from E/Power Marketing and Embello. Whether you feel like your focus is your brand’s digital marketing strategy and initiatives, or you’re ready to get started with Influencer Marketing, they are there to help! Reserve your time with their teams at #TIHS21 below!

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Schedule a free consultation with the team from epower at home, a digital marketing agency dedicated to guiding housewares brands through the disruptive retail environment so you’ll stand out, connect with consumers, and sell more products. Whether you feel like you’re playing catch up when it comes to your brand’s digital marketing initiatives, or you’re just ready for a fresh perspective on your current strategy, E/Power’s got you covered — Schedule Now!

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Schedule a free consultation with the team from Embello, the only home-focused Influencer Marketing Agency! Schedule your consultation now!

For any questions regarding Social Media at The Inspired Home Show 2021, please contact Kristin Cihon.