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Featured New Products for News Media & Buyers

Enter listings by February 12 for maximum visibility!

News media covering The Inspired Home Show are looking for new products. You have the opportunity to work with all types of media who are attending. Many of them coordinate and work with the Show’s public relations team before the Show. Formerly just for news media, the New Product listings are now open to all visitors to HC 365.

Increase your exposure as news media and buyers are looking for new products weeks before the Show. 

  • Enter your product information as early as possible. The news media begin asking about new products as early as December.
  • Clearly and succinctly describe the product, as you would to a consumer.
  • Be sure to include photos-listings with photos are clicked on more often than those without.

This information is for the PR Team only, it will not be included in the product listing in HC 365:

  • Tell us what makes the product special or unique-why should the consumer buy your product instead of the competition? (Do not include sales sheets or other retailer material)
  • What is the best way to demonstrate the product and its features?
  • When will it be available?
  • What is the MSRP?

Benefits of listing your new product information for the news media:

  • The Show’s Public Relations team uses these products to help all types of reporters with stories before the Show and when they arrive on-site.
  • The new product listing is the first resource used for finding products for TV segments – planning for many of these begin in January – and these products are used to interest broadcast media and network morning shows, as well as local stations, to cover the Show.
  • The PR Team reviews the listings for products to display in the News Center for the media.
  • The news media will be able to search for new products for months after the Show. Queries for new products will be directed to the Housewares Connect 365 website.

As a reminder, these listings will also allow buyers to search for new products and find you at the Show.