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Smart Talks

Presentations by Housewares & Technology Industry Experts on
Developments in the Smart Home and the Internet of Things

Located within the IHA Smart Home Pavilion in the Lakeside Center Lobby, the Smart Talks stage will feature presentations by industry experts on technology and product developments in the Smart Home and the Internet of Things.

Agenda will be posted shortly.

2019 Smart Talks

Daniel Price, breadware

I’ve Seen the Smart Kitchen. Where’s the Bathroom?

Tina Zayas, b8ta

What is B8ta?

Lindsey Carnett, Marketing Maven

Educate Influencers on Your Tech Product for More Favorable Reviews

Carley Knobloch & Michael Svetina, Health Smart

A Connected Home Humidifier: Improve Indoor Air Quality with Compatible Smart Home Décor Devices

Devin Moore, Big Bang

More than IOT… Building a Connected Experience

Jeff Mau & Justina Nguyen, Digitas and Tod Szewczyk, Leo Burnett

Design for Relevance in the Attention Economy

Kim Kirscherr, Registered Dietitian & Certified Personal Trainer

The Business of Health: Being Authentic with Your Target Audience

James Murray, TasteTro & Mike Wolf, The Spoon

Using Technology to Create New Culinary Experiences

Warren Kress & Luis Zamudio, Euromonitor

“Smart Homes” for the Elderly: Meeting the Needs of the Expanding Consumer Base

Daniel Price, breadware

Your Smart Home Has a Brain, but It Needs a Heart

Greg Sleter & Peter Giannetti, Homeworld Business

On the Smart Home and the Internet of Things

Tina Zayas, b8ta

Retail as a Marketing Channel: How Key Performance Indicators are Changing in Brick and Mortar

Brian Miller, Publicis.Sapient

Housewares in the Age of Experience Economy: New Opportunities to Delight the Consumer

Carley Knobloch & Danielle Michel with Jeff Bergstein, EyeTemp

Alleviate Your Worries with this New Device

Tim Friar, Design Central

Listen to the Consumer – And Create Smart Products that Speak to Them

Alllison Zisko & Andrea Lillo, HFN

HFN Editors’ Picks: The Newest Smart Kitchen Products and What They Bring to the Table

Rob Van Varick and Michael Graves Design

Design for the Future of Intuition: UX in the Physical World

Gavin Lew, Bold Insight

Key to Success with AI is Not the Code, but the User Experience

Mark Dziersk, McKinsey Design

Smarter Products for Smarter Living

Mike Wolf, The Spoon & Stacie Thompson, Ovie

Fridge Smarter: How Better Tracking of Your Food Leads to Better Living

Carley Knobloch with Bill Southard, Olfinity from Evergreen Land

Introducing Olfinity: A New Era in Wellness

Mark Witt, Linx Global

IOT Applications — From Chicago to Tanzania

Susan Olivier, Dassault Systemes

Smart Home Trends 2030

Sarah Simon, Salesforce

Taking Retail to Me-Tail

McKayla Barber, Beyond Design

Technology + Health + Housewares

2018 Smart Talks

Carley Knobloch, Smart Home and Erik Charlton, CEO, Noon Home

Blending Traditional Industry Practices with Smart Home Technology

Marco Tondino, IoT Sales Manager, mnubo

Building the Case for IOT: Derive Value from Your Product Data

Christian Ionescu-Catrina, Renesas Electronics America, Inc.

Retailers and Marketers: How Secure is the Data You Share?

Maureen Azzato, Editorial Director, HFN

What Consumers Want from Smart Housewares

Jules Perrot, Global Sales Manager, mnubo

Transform Your Connected Product Into a Monitor Service

Martin Heckmann, Emerging Business, Chamberlain Group Inc.

Why the Smart Home Begins with the Smart Garage

Mike Wolf, The Spoon & Josh Sigel, COO, Innit

Building a Smart Kitchen Strategy for the Future

Dr Bryce Rutter, Founder/CEO, Metaphase Design Group

Haptics — The Potency of Touch in Design

Jeff Mau, DigitasLBi & Tod Szewczyk, Leo Burnett

Leveraging Emerging Retail Technology to Build Brands

Chad Curry, Center for Realtor Technology, CRT Labs, National Association of REALTORS

Get Smart: Maximize Benefits and Minimize Pitfalls in the Smart Home