Virtual Demos: Cleanliness Part 2

by Chandler Harvey

Keeping spaces clean is more important than ever with many consumers now using their homes as multi-purpose spaces for work, school and everyday household life. From purifying steamers and allergen vacuums to products created to assist in day-to-day cleaning tasks, these products are intended to help consumers keep their homes clean, safe and healthy.


Bergner US Inc.

MasterPro UV Knife Block

Bergner’s UV Knife Block was designed to allow consumers to clean their knives and keep them sharp at the same time. The UV sanitization in the block kills 99% of germs and bacteria with a drying function to prevent bacteria buildup. The block features a built-in automatic knife sharpener.

Contact: [email protected]


Equator Advanced Appliances

Cordless Sweeper+Mop

This cordless, two-in-one sweeper and mop is made to handle wet or dry surfaces. The Sweeper+Mop works on all kinds of hard surfaces such as wood, vinyl planks, ceramic tile and marble, and it self-cleans in 25 seconds on its docking station.

Contact: Atul Vir, [email protected]


Full Circle Brands

Beachy Clean Heavy Duty Coconut Scour Pads, Set of 3

Full Circle’s Beachy Clean scour pads are plant-based, heavy-duty abrasive scrubbers. Made from coconut husk and recycled plastic, the scour pads were designed to tackle baked-on or burnt-on messes on pots, pans and stovetops.

Contact: Mike Gatto, [email protected]


Full Circle Brands

Tag Team Easy-Empty Sweep Set

The Easy-Empty Sweep Set was designed for the broom to lock into the dustpan for easy storage. The dustpan pivots for better control and easy emptying and the teeth on the dustpan comb through broom bristles to remove excess debris.

Contact: Mike Gatto, [email protected]


Gleener Inc.

Dryer Dots Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

The Gleener Dryer Dots are a hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to disposable dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners. The wool in the Dryer Dots was designed to soak up moisture and increase air circulation in dryers for faster loads that consume less energy.

Contact: Evelyn Brunet, [email protected]




Mock-up created for

The IGGI is a purifying steamer that can eliminate viruses, bacteria and dust mites on all fabrics, surfaces and belongings. IGGI was made to be compact for travel and steaming outfits in seconds.

Contact: Monika Kavanagh, [email protected]


Raycop North America

GO UV + Ultraportable Vacuum

Raycop’s GO UV Vacuum was designed to be an ultra-portable allergen vacuum. The vacuum can be disassembled into four pieces weighing under two pounds for on-the-go cleaning. The built-in UV-C light has been laboratory tested to kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Contact: Bryan O’Rourke, [email protected]


SSI Products

EverClean Soap Saver Dishwand

The Soap Saver Dishwand was created to control the flow of soap to release soap as needed with no leaking. With a liquid soap dispenser handle that allows the flow of soap through the sponge, the dishwand has a large scrubbing surface for tough jobs and a built-in scraper for baked-on messes.

Contact: Terry Treacy, [email protected]


Tristar Products Inc.

Cleanica 360 Steam Mop

The Cleanica 360 Steam Mop is a total cleaning system designed to make cleaning easier and faster. The system is designed to clean floors, small surfaces, garments, appliances, inside cars and more. Attachments include a carpet cradle, two steam mop pads, a squeegee, a garment steamer cloth, a concentrator tip, small and medium scrub brush, a grout cleaning tool and a scraper.

Contact: Luigi Tartara, [email protected]


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