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by Chandler Harvey

At-home health and wellness has become more prevalent than ever the past year. The home and housewares industry has responded with a wide range of innovative solutions — from relaxation and therapeutic products to healthy eating and fitness accessories. These products help answer the question: How do consumers bring health, wellness, fitness and self-care into their homes?


and! Sales

Root Candle Company

This collection of four candles has fragrances inspired by the balancing elements of nature: Water, with notes of marine salts with sea spray and driftwood; Air, with a cotton and blonde woods scent;  Earth, with notes of oakmoss, cedarwood and herbs; and Fire, with a scent of amber and smoked embers. The 14.5-oz., 3-wick candles have a 50-hour burn time.

Contact: Joan Singer, [email protected]



Solar Powered Kitchen Scale & Body Scale Set

This solar-powered scale set from Escali contains a kitchen scale and a body scale. Users can portion-control foods with the kitchen scale for dietary needs, then track body weights with the body scale. Both scales are powered by natural and artificial light, and they have a back-up, USB charging port.

Contact: Kelly Walsh, [email protected]


iDrink Products

Drinkmate instaFizz

iDrink states that its instaFizz water bottle is the first water bottle that can carbonate any drink. With a twist-to-fizz cap, instaFizz holds 21 ounces and can sparkle up to 15.5 ounces of liquid, including water, juices, lemonade, tea, coffee and wine.

Contact: Jim McElroy, [email protected]


Moso Natural

Air Purifying Bag

The ionically charged bamboo charcoal in the Moso Air Purifying Bag is designed to eliminate odors and pollutants without the use of chemicals or fragrance. The purifying bag can last up to two years with routine rejuvenation and covers a 3,000-square-foot area.

Contact: Eric Rubin, [email protected]


Reach Global Industries Inc.

TravelJohn Resealable Disposable Urinal

In situations when public bathrooms are hard to find, this unisex, disposable urinal is a hygienic way to use the bathroom while away from home. The TravelJohn is designed to help travelers prevent incidents and health problems.

Contact: [email protected]


Time Concept Inc.

Jiggly Ultra Puff Mask

The Jiggly Ultra Puff Mask was designed to be a soft mask that will make users forget they are wearing one. Made in a facility that manufactures skincare makeup sponges, the mask’s material was created to be gentle on the skin. The ergonomic design offers a secure fit with a 3D pocket for breathability.

Contact: Lynn Rae, [email protected]



Dynapro Commercial High-Speed Blender with Vacuum, DPS 2200

The 2.5 peak horsepower of the Dynapro High-Speed Blender blends at over 32,000 RPM. The blender was built to power through ice, frozen foods and tough whole food ingredients with smooth results. The One-Touch Vacuum Pump allows oxygen to be removed from the container before blending for a smoother texture.

Contact: Jenny Ross, [email protected]


Typhoon Homewares

Kilner Nut Drink Making Set

The Kilner Nut Drink Making Set is designed for easy creation of plant-based drinks from nuts, oats or coconut. The set includes two wide-mouth jars, a silicone splash guard to prevent spills during blending, a stainless steel filter plunger to separate liquid from pulp, a silicone pouring lip and a stainless steel lid for storage.

Contact: Colette Mahoney, [email protected]



Little Luxury H20 Mini Water Dispenser

This mini water dispenser uses a non-electric filtration system to remove unwanted impurities from regular tap water. The Little Luxury was created to be a small, easily transportable filtration option. The dispenser comes with a 1-gallon bottle for refilling.

Contact: Gary Flax, [email protected]


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