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by Chandler Harvey

With renewed time spent cooking the past year, consumers may be looking for items that can help make their lives in their kitchens easier. The following items assist in prep, cooking, serving and keeping foods fresh for longer to reduce food waste.



Prepdeck All-in-One Meal Prep Station

Prepdeck was created to bring chef-approved mise-en-place techniques to the home cook. The Prepdeck contains more than 45 features, including eight precision prepping tools and an optional mobile device stand to help consumers prep ahead, stay organized and make cooking less stressful.

Contact: Alexander Eburne, [email protected]


Airtender BV


The Nanostopper is a vacuum stopper for bottles, glass jars and food storage bags. The Nanostopper was designed to keep food and drinks fresh and full of flavor while reducing the use of plastics and preventing food waste.

Contact: Dalibor Borjanin, [email protected]


Firefly Books/Robert Rose

By the Book: Bringing Self-Sufficiency into the Kitchen

This collection of books from Robert Rose focuses on how to bring a renewed focus to home and greater self-sufficiency into the kitchen and pantry. The selection of books features “Dehydrator Bible,” “300 Best Bread Machine Recipes,” “Complete Book of Pickling,” “Today’s Everyday Slow Cooker.”

Contact: Brad Roberts, [email protected]


Jobar International Inc.

Handy Gourmet Can Strainer

This can strainer is designed to clear liquids from most canned goods. The strainer can be flipped for different-sized cans, and the multi-functional ergonomic handle doubles as a food scraper to eliminate food waste.

Contact: Ashlee Pham, [email protected]


Kitchen Concepts Unlimited LLC


Kitchen Concept’s Butterie is a one-piece butter dish with an attached, flip-top lid. Made for countertop use, it enables butter to remain soft and spreadable on delicate items such as pancakes, French toast or biscuits.

Concept: Joelle Mertzel, [email protected]


Mastrad Inc.

m°classic 2

Mastrad describes the m°classic 2 as the first professional thermometer including a large LCD color screen. The thermometer has 45 pre-programmed cooking modes, a programmable alarm and special settings for oil, chocolate and sugar.

Contact: Jamie Grey, [email protected]



Mixing Bowl Extra Coarse Grater

This bowl grater from Microplane features an ultra-sharp blade made for “ricing” vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and carrots or grating potatoes and soft cheese. The bowl is optimized to fit any size mixing bowl for grating with less mess.

Contact: Ashley Warren, [email protected]




FRESHPAPER food saver sheets are designed to keep food fresh longer, saving money and reducing waste. Made with organic beeswax, the FRESHPAPER line includes natural produce savers, bread savers and cheese savers.

Contact: Carrie Fisher, [email protected]


Totally Bamboo

Baltique Colorful Birch Wood Utensils

Totally Bamboo’s colorful cooking utensils are made from layers of birch wood in an array of colors. The Baltique Collection features three styles: a bright and bold Marrakesh collection, a cool and refreshing Mykonos collection and a deep and vibrant Malta collection.

Contact: Kyle Erickson, [email protected]


Widgeteer Inc.

Icebreaker Nordic POP

Widgeteer’s Icebreaker Nordic POP is designed as a new way to make and serve ice cubes. The handheld ice cube maker allows consumers to serve ice cubes with the turn of a lid. Users fill the bottles, freeze, and pop the tops to allow ice cubes to tumble out. The container is made to stack in the freezer and limit melting.

Contact: Bill McHenry, [email protected]


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