Virtual Demos: Cleanliness

by Chandler Harvey

Keeping spaces clean is more important than ever with many consumers now using their homes as multi-purpose spaces for work, school and everyday household life. From UV sanitation devices and touchless soap dispensers to products created to assist in day-to-day cleaning tasks, these products are intended to help consumers keep their homes clean, safe and healthy.

Videos of The Connect SPRING Virtual Product Demonstrations will be posted on soon.

Better Living Products

FOAMA Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

Practicing good hygiene is an essential part of stopping the spread of germs. The FOAMA is an automatic, hands-free, sensor-activated foaming soap dispenser designed to promote clean hands at home or in the office. The soap dispenser works with foaming soaps or diluted liquid soaps, and it features multi-control settings that allow the user to control the amount of soap dispensed.

Contact: Lilian Iliev, [email protected]


Full Circle Brands

Zero Line

Full Circle’s Zero Line is a collection of cleaning products, ranging from dish brushes to dishcloths, made from natural materials designed to be eco-friendly and perform well. Full Circle’s goal is for no products from this line to be sent to a landfill and for all items to be reused, recycled or composted.

Contact: Mike Gatto, [email protected]


Full Circle Brands

Branch Out Upright Drying Rack

The Branch Out Upright Drying Rack was created to be a solution for awkward, hard-to-dry items that do not fit on many dish racks such as water bottles, dishcloths and reusable bags. The drying rack is designed optimize counter space by making use of vertical and horizontal space.

Contact: Mike Gatto, [email protected]


Full Circle Brands

Shapeshifter 2-in-1 Dish Rack with Recycled Microfiber Mat

The Shapeshifter 2-in-1 Dish Rack is a combined dish mat with stainless steel tines to hold handwash-only and delicate items. The mat was made to be extra-long to fit many items, but users can fold the mat within the tines for compact storage when not in use. The recycled microfiber and charcoal foam inside the mat prevent bacteria buildup and odor.

Contact: Mike Gatto, [email protected]



Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush

With consumers spending more time in their homes, many home textiles are getting more use than in the past. The Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush gently to eliminate pilling, lint and pet hair from clothes, sofas and blankets. The shaver comes with three fabric-safe edges designed to revive fabrics from big and bulky to medium to delicate.

Contact: Evelyn Brunet, [email protected]



UV Light Sanitation Storage for Personal Items

This sanitizing storage case uses UVC LEDs to remove up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses without heat or chemicals, according to Honey-Can-Do.  Often-touched personal items, such as phones, tablets, keys, jewelry and children’s belongings, can be stored or placed in the case for sterilization in 90 seconds.

Contact: [email protected]


Knectek Labs

iRyno Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

The iRyno toothbrush sanitizer helps eliminate bacteria and microorganisms that can collect on a toothbrush. With a UVC light that is said by the company to eliminate 99% of viruses, iRyno sanitizes within 60 seconds and dries the toothbrush bristles with a built-in fan to prevent mold growth.

Contact: Jordan Pan, [email protected]


Spectrum Diversified Designs/Tovolo

Decorative Disinfecting Wipes Container

Disinfecting wipes can be stored discreetly in this stylishly designed container. Created to be a sleek and practical storage option, the container has a push-button lid with an airtight seal and a non-slip ring to keep it from tipping or wobbling for ease of use.

Contact: Ashley Marochino, [email protected]


Therapy Clean

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Therapy Clean Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish uses plant-based cleaning agents to keep stainless steel appliances clean, shiny and streak-free. The coconut-oil-based cleaner in a lavender essential oil scent is made with non-toxic, solvent-free, 100% USDA-certified bio-based content.

Contact: Anne Ruozzi Dudra, [email protected]


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