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by Chandler Harvey

Many consumers have been cooking for themselves and their families more regularly since the pandemic began. Cooking can become tedious and complicated, but creative gadgets and appliances can help alleviate some pressure. Homemade bread, pasta, and “caviar” pearls made from any food or drink are just some of the foods that can be made with the following products.


Bergner US Inc.

Solo Cast Aluminum Cookware

This line of cast aluminum cookware comes in an assortment of fry pans, casseroles, sauté pans and more. Bergner hopes to get consumers’ creative juices flowing in their kitchens with its durable non-stick pans that come with comfort soft-grip handles and high-quality construction.

Contact: [email protected]


Cedarlane Culinary


Food and liquid can be turned into “caviar” pearls with the Spherificator. The Spherificator was built for users to get more creative in their kitchens and elevate the flavor and plating of every dish.

Contact: Dustin Skeoch, [email protected]


Revolution Cooking

The Revolution Toaster

Revolution Cooking states that its toaster is the world’s first digital, touchscreen toaster. With InstaGLOW heating technology, users can select exactly how they want food toasted, with photos illustrating results of the option selected.

Contact: Elizabeth Jackson, [email protected]


Harold Import Co.

Mrs. Anderson’s Bread Proofing Baskets & Baker’s Lame

Mrs. Anderson’s Bread Proofing Baskets are specially designed to provide structure to bread dough during the proofing/rising process. The baskets are handcrafted from palmwood rattan to add a beautiful finish to homemade loaves. The Baker’s Lame tool allows users to score the surface and create a signature design in their crusts.

Contact: Stacey Mulligan, [email protected]



Etched Jar Lid Grater Set

This two-piece grater set includes a fine blade and a durable ribbon blade lid that fit most wide-mouth canning jars. The fine blade was created for foods such as cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, citrus fruits and hard cheeses. The ribbon blade gives a textured result for foods such coconut, soft cheeses, carrots, potatoes and zucchini.

Contact: Ashley Warren, [email protected]



On-Tap Oil & Vinegar Concept

Olivelle’s infused oils and vinegars are offered in a canister dispensing system to help specialty retailers open bulk bars. The on-tap concept is designed to deliver enhanced freshness and authentic flavor while preventing contamination and protecting the delicate products from the damaging effects of oxygen, light and heat.

Contact: Crystal Ross, [email protected]



Smart Storage System

The PantryChic Smart Storage System is a multifunctional appliance that stores, measures, auto converts, dispenses and weighs ingredients in PantryChic’s SmartCanisters. When paired with the Chefling app, users can track ingredients, explore new recipes, customize based on dietary needs and control the PantryChic System remotely.

Contact: Nicole Lee, [email protected]


Tristar Products

Emeril Lagasse Pasta and Beyond

This fully automatic electric pasta and noodle maker is a compact countertop appliance that mixes, kneads and extrudes pasta automatically. The machine includes juicer and frozen dessert attachments.

Contact: Luigi Tartara, [email protected]


Typhoon Homewares

Kilner Sourdough Starter Set

Kilner Sourdough Set

Everything a consumer needs to make a successful sourdough starter can be found in the Kilner Sourdough Starter Set. Two jars are included to allow a second batch to be created while the first is in use. The stainless steel measuring lid was designed to measure out flour and water precisely.

Contact: Colette Mahoney, [email protected]



moHA! Foldable Potato Masher

The Widgeteer moHA! Foldable Potato Masher was made for quick and efficient preparation of mashed potatoes. The design includes a mashing head that folds flat for easy storage.

Contact: William McHenry, [email protected]


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