2020 Education Sessions

Take in recorded sessions from The Inspired Home Show 2020 including Keynotes, Innovation Theater, Smart Talks and more!
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Enjoy Keynote presentations designed to get you up-to-date on trends in consumer buying behavior, product development and retail innovation.

2020 Vision: A New Focus on the Now & Envisioning the Next Normal The Realities and Mindsets Mapping the Road to 2030

In this recovering and reinventing atmosphere, consumers have never been more diverse, demanding or complex. Influence (and affluence) are shared across four generations with distinctly different desires and expectations. More importantly, the next decade promises dramatic changes in both the shape and composition of the Home environment, creating an enduring surge in demand for new solutions and innovations.

Innovation Theater

Offering Expert Perspectives to Guide Businesses
in the Housewares Industry

Topics include intellectual property protection, brand building, consumer purchasing tracking, lifestyle trends and design forecasts. The presenters bring important, leading-edge information and personal contact that will trigger “ah ha moments.”

2021 Housewares Trends

Kate Usher, TrendBible

How to Successfully Launch a Smart Home Product

Ken Kerry, Script to Screen 

Impact of Covid-19 on Ecommerce Sales

Daniel Shapiro & Oli Bolton, Red Points

The Sale Doesn’t End at the Register: Understand the Power of User Experience in Growing Your Brand

Richard Babick, Design Research
Jane Freiman, Smart Kitchen Insights Group

Sustainability for Housewares Companies

Richard Babick, Design Research

Trends at the Crossroads: Sharpen Your Focus

Patti Carpenter, Carpenter & Company

How A Successful User Experience Can Turn Your Product Into An Integral Kitchen Tool

Jane Freiman, Smart Kitchen Insights Group

Seasonal Trends in the Covid-19 Era: A Fourth-Quarter Roadmap (PDF)

Michelle Lamb, the Trend Curve™
Leigh Ann Schwarzkopf, Project Partners Network

Are There Counterfeits in Your Supply Chain?

Rosemary Coates, The Reshoring Institute

Leveraging Category Insights to Uncover Growth Opportunities

Peter Greene, Numerator

Winning the Name Game (Even During a Covid Crisis)

Stacey Kalamaras, Esq., Kalamaras Law Office, LLC
Mollie Young, Nametag International

Revolutionizing Materials: Teaming Up to Meet Consumer Demand for Sustainable Products

Courtland Jenkins, Eastman
Phil Notheis, Camelback

Smart Talks

Presentations by Housewares & Technology Industry Experts on Developments in the Smart Home and the Internet of Things

The Smart Talks stage features  presentations by industry experts on technology and product developments in the Smart Home and the Internet of Things.

Smart, Sustainable and Personal to Reach the New Consumer

Susan Olivier, Dassault Systemes

How Authentic Health and Wellness Efforts Help Build Trust and Relationships with Customers

Kim Kirchherr, K2 Outcomes LLC

Digital Commerce Strategies for Surviving COVID 19 and Thriving Later

Kathy Kimple, FitForCommerce

The Importance of Having Flexibility in Your Marketing Plan

David Hernandez, lotus823

Special Sessions

The FASTR Formula: A New Strategy for Success and Growth in a Changing Marketplace

Tom Mirabile, Springboard Futures

Alison Angus - Euromonitor Webinar
How Is COVID-19 Affecting The Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020?

Alison Angus, Euromonitor International
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Epower Webinar
Social Media Listening, What, Why + How

Justin Tadych, EPower
Amberlee Perry, EPower

Aptean Webinar
Direct-to-Consumer Shipping: Why Software Efficiencies Matter

Andrew Dela Merced, Aptean Apprise ERP

2019 Keynotes

Tom Mirabile

2019 Keynote Presentation

Erika Sirimanne

2019 Keynote: Digital Disruption

Mark Mechelse & Mike Anthony

The Consumer’s Share of Spend – Impact in Grocery and How to Win

Leatrice Eiseman

Color, Texture, Finish (*.mp3)

Leatrice Eiseman

Color in the New Era (*.mp3)

2018 Keynotes

Tom Mirabile

Top Trends 2018: Survival & Success in the Retail Renaissance 

Maureen Azzato & Allison Zisko

The Housewares Consumer Speaks: Syncing Innovation and Marketing with Consumer Needs

Mike Wolf

The Future Kitchen: Building Smart, New and Sustainable Business Models