The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 4–7, 2023 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 4—7 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

Innovation Theater Audio Replays

Creating strategies for success in a post-pandemic home and housewares marketplace was the focus of this year’s presentations in the Innovation Theater at The Inspired Home Show 2022. Click on the sessions below to learn more about them and listen to their audio replays.


Saturday, March 5
Turn Up Your Omnichannel Performance to a New Decibel

As retailers and brands rise back up from the pandemic, it’s obvious that a strong digital and omnichannel strategy is necessary for providing a seamless shopping experience for consumers. The FitForCommmerce Omnichannel Retail Index study finds that there are still many friction points to be addressed in order to have a truly seamless omnichannel experience. FitForCommmerce’s Scott Allen shares the latest omnichannel best practices and how the home and housewares vertical stacks up to the retail industry. Scott covers what customers today expect and what you need to do to meet and exceed their expectations.


RFID Smart Labels: Prepare for Major Retailers' Requirements

Suppliers of home goods to Walmart have been directed to apply RFID smart labels in 2022 to the items they ship. Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Belk, and Dillard’s are among those using RFID at the item-level to improve store-level inventory management in home goods categories. In this session, Marshall Kay outlines why this news from Bentonville is (and isn’t) big, and he provides guidance to suppliers, retailers, and industry experts looking to stay current. 

The Playbook for Creating & Accelerating Unicorn Brands

Beau Oyler, CEO of Enlisted Design and John LeBaron, CRO of Pattern walk through how to build 360° ecosystems that create and accelerate unicorn brands that consumers lust after. Learn how to use data and design to capitalize on white space and ignite growth. Hear real-world examples of brands that Pattern and Enlisted Design have helped elevate to unicorn status. Leave knowing the playbook to crack the create and accelerate a brand toward unicorn success. Beau Oyler is a design entrepreneur. As the founder of Enlisted Design and Chief Design Officer of Pattern, he works at the intersection of business, data, and design to create next-level product experiences for the world’s most sought-after brands.


Strategies for Developing Resilience and Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

Thomas Cook of Blue Tiger International discusses challenges the supply chain faces in managing landed costs. He addresses tariffs and tariff mitigation, freight and transport rate trends, shortages and demand planning, staffing and management, sourcing and alternative sources and Foreign Trade Zones.



Sunday, March 6
No Regrets? Pandemic-Driven Impulse Purchases & Consumer Usage Post-Lockdown

Through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, social-distancing measures led to significant lifestyle changes for the average consumer. Whether because they were cooking at home more or adopting a new pandemic hobby to fight off boredom, many purchases were made specifically aimed at coping with life in lockdown. However, as we continue our return to a new normal, how has usage of these items shifted as consumers resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles?

In this presentation, Peter Greene of Numerator explores trends in pandemic-related impulse purchases and how those items have– or have not– been integrated into everyday life.


Merchandising and Messaging in an Omnichannel World

Leigh Ann Schwarzkopf of Project Partners Network shares new insights into retail reconnaissance and how to bring new speed and focus to one’s perspective on the competition.

Essential Elements: Design, Décor and Consumer Insights

Max Wilker, Style Director for the Better Homes and Gardens brand at Dotdash Meredith, presents home design and décor trend predictions for 2022 and beyond along with exclusive consumer insights from the research experts at Dotdash Meredith Data Studios. Dotdash Meredith is America’s largest digital and print publisher with unparalleled first-party data and insights.

How Microfulfillment Enables Growth

With an increased “need for speed,” consumers are disrupting retail. Brands are left scrambling to try and meet demand utilizing fulfillment methods designed for another era. Corey Apirian of Davinci Micro Fulfillment explains that to compete and thrive, retailers and brands need the ability to fulfill closer to customers, and deliver products in minutes and hours, not days or weeks. Retailers and brands need micro-fulfillment.

Is Your Microwave Listening? Privacy and Other Legal Issues in the Smart Home

Is a Smart Home manufacturer liable if its customer base is hacked? Must it share such data with the government or law enforcement? Which privacy and cybersecurity regulations govern Smart Home technology? In this session, Michael R. Graif of Mintz, Levin, Coh, Ferris, Govsky & Popeo. P.C., answers those questions, focusing on legal issues in the Smart Home, including privacy and cybersecurity. He explores examples of hacking, and how IOT technology has been used by law enforcement in major cases. He also looks at recent FTC enforcement actions against manufacturers whose lax security standards resulted in exposure of their customers’ private data. Additionally, he discusses how companies can use Smart Home data advantageously to better tailor their products and offering to their customers in compliance with law.



Monday, March 7
2022’s New Ecommerce Playbook

Ecommerce has changed! Accelerated growth, new technology, and a shifting consumer landscape is driving innovation and new opportunity for ecommerce enabled brands. Dive into an ROI-driven conversation with experts from one of the top U.S. ecommerce agencies and BigCommerce, the leading D2C and B2B ecommerce platform. Jordan Brannon of Coalition Technologies and Adam Semien of Big Commerce lead this ROI-driven conversation on how ecommerce has changed. Topics address shifts in marketing ROAS, content consumption, new technologies, and more.

Creating a Better Circle: Materials Innovator and Brands Develop Recycling Loops

Brad Moncla of Eastman, a materials innovation company and molecular recycling pioneer, discusses what’s working–and what still needs to be overcome–to create a truly circular plastics stream. Hear real-world examples of successes and failures for a high-level roadmap for how companies can collaborate to create a better circle for plastics. Consumers expect recycled content and recyclability from the products they purchase. It sounds so easy. The world is awash in plastic waste, can’t we just pluck it out of the environment and recycle it? Yes…if only we had the infrastructure in place to get the waste from where it is to the companies that can recycle it. The solution? Design with the end in mind, and work to make the end better. Organizations have recycled content goals for plastic packaging but supplies of recycled content are limited and expensive. This session will show attendees how they can work to make circular, recycled content a reality.

Retail 360: Redefining the Customer Experience

Listen to our gia Judges, Wolfgang Gruschwitz, Scott Kohno, Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen and Anne Kong discuss key elements of a successful retail operation in 2022, while offering updated expert advice on functions from store planning and marketing to visual merchandising and the use of digital technologies.

The Future of Home is Analog

Digital devices are more integrated into our lives than ever before. But with the increased connectedness, our wellness, productiveness and children’s health are paying the price. Now, more than ever, consumers need an enhanced analog experiences when it comes to work, play, and the home, one where technology supports wellbeing and conveniences aren’t sacrificed. In this session, Hunter Morris of Boogie Board explains why it’s more important than ever to develop products that provide enhanced analog experiences—ones where you get the benefits of a distraction and clutter-free experience without losing the conveniences high tech solutions provide and how to best communicate those benefits through various retail experiences.

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