The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 17–19, 2024 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 17—19 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

Exhibitor Marketing Kit

Product Display Opportunities

Increase Product Visibility

Submit your products for our display opportuNities

Increase your product visibility to buyers and news media by participating in our visual product displays at the Show. Some options are free and some have a fee to participate. Sign up today to optimize your brand exposure to Show attendees!

New Product Showcase/gia Awards

Join the Definitive Collection of New Products at the Show

If you have a product that has never been seen at The Inspired Home Show, you may qualify for a spot in the New Product Showcase, conveniently located in the Buyers' Clubs.


  • Products submitted by the January 28 deadline are automatically entered into the gia Awards program.
  • Products are featured according to category in one of three show halls.
  • Products are included in the Pre-Show Buyer & Media Alert email.
  • Buyers are able to scan products in each of the showcases.
  • Post-Show, you will receive a list of Buyers who scanned your product, including their email address and buyers will receive a list of the products they scanned.


All products submitted for the New Product Showcase must be new to The Inspired Home Show. Product is not required to be in-market. Prototypes are acceptable.

Entry Cost

Members: $325/product entry
Non-Members: $425/product entry

For more information, contact Connie Chantos

IHA Market Watch

Align with Consumer Trends

Deadline: February 14

The 2023 IHA Market Watch Report will focus on five key consumer lifestyle trends. The onsite Market Watch display will showcase products that align with each of these lifestyle trends.

As the pandemic crisis lifts and many day-to-day responsibilities return, consumers once again start to feel the pressure of an overscheduled life. They are back to craving more downtime and seek out products that will take burdens (real or perceived) off of them in the hopes that it improves their overall quality of life.

Consumers are doing more with less space. Whether that is urban dwellers who are living in small overall spaces, multiple generations living under one roof, or the need to bring previously out-of-home activities into the home
(work, school, exercise, etc.) space is at a premium and products that maximize space are highly desirable.

After two years of on-and-off lockdowns, consumers have pent-up demand for more experiential activities in or out of the home. They continue to look for ways to reinvent themselves and advance their "personal brand". They seek out products that help them stand out from the crowd and that contribute to an "lnstagrammable" life - one that others are envious of.

Physical health wasn't the only thing to take a hit during the Covid crisis. Consumers' mental and emotional health was tested as well. As things return to some sense of normalcy, consumers will not take their health and well­being for granted and are gravitating towards products that make them feel that they are restoring health or that they are preventing the degradation of health.

Consumers are demanding that companies act in the better interest of the global community, whether through their corporate practices or by developing products that are socially, economically, culturally and environmentally conscious.

To Participate

Participation is free but products will be selected by the IHA Market Watch team. To apply please fill out the following form indicating which of the three mindsets you are applying for.

Pantone ColorWatch Display

An Opportunity for Free Exposure at The Inspired Home Show!

Deadline: January 18

New colors and designs excite and inspire home and housewares consumers. Appeal to (or engage) buyers at the Show by illustrating how your products match to the newest home color trends. IHA and PANTONE, Inc. will present PANTONE ColorWatch on Level 2.5 of the Grand Concourse in the South Building at The Inspired Home Show. Individual display cases will highlight home and housewares products in the top trend themes featured in PANTONE’s upcoming color trend forecast.

If Your Product is Selected

We will ask you to ship your product samples to the address below. All requested PANTONE ColorWatch products must be received by February 1. After the Show, participating companies who want their products must pick up their products at the display on March 7 by 6.00 PM.

Lori Szudarek
PANTONE ColorWatch
International Housewares Association
6400 Shafer Court, Suite #650
Rosemont, IL 60018

For any questions, please contact Lori Szudarek at 847-692-0116.

There is no cost for participating in this display. Let us spotlight your product in our industry’s color story! To direct buyers to your booth and encourage buyers to visit PANTONE ColorWatch, products will be displayed with small signs indicating company name and booth number. Exhibitors will receive an “As Seen In PANTONE ColorWatch” sign for display in your booth.

News Center

Feature Your Products in the News Center Product Room!

Deadline: February 14

Show your new products to the news media before they hit the Show floor. The Show’s News Center is the headquarters for consumer and trade media, bloggers and social media influencers. It includes a Product Room where Show staff take media to see new products before they walk the Show. Submit your new product for consideration to be included in the Product Room. There is no charge to display your product.

Submissions are reviewed by the PR Team and you will be contacted if your product is selected for display

Trending Today Preview

Featuring At-Home Entertaining

Saturday, March 4, 8—10 A.M. (CT)

Trending Today Preview is reserved for returning exhibitors. New exhibitors should contact their sales manager regarding the New Exhibitor Preview.

As economic concerns begin to dominate the news cycle and consumers feel the pinch of inflation, they are responding by bringing more experiential activities back into their homes. During the height of the pandemic, consumers were overwhelmingly cooking and eating at home. The current re-emergence of gatherings and in-person celebrations means that consumers are doing more at-home entertaining as well. While much of the home + housewares buying during the pandemic was for personal and family use, it is now shifting to things that are meant to be seen and shared with all manner of loved ones.

Successful at-home entertaining requires not only items that help prep fantastic and often creative dishes from cook + bakeware to kitchen electrics and gadgets, but also things that enhance the presentation of the home and the meal. This includes tableware, glassware and barware and bar accessories; textiles and decor – and don’t forget all of the outdoor living products that help consumers throw a great backyard BBQ or summer soiree.

Why Participate?
  • Meet one-on-one with buyers prior to Show opening, and drive buyer traffic to your booth.
  • Meet one-on-one with consumers and trade media. All registered media are invited to attend.
  • Set your company apart at this pre-Show event — Limited to exhibitors in this category only.
  • This is a FREE event - no participation or product entry fee.
  • Nearly 700 buyers and media attend.
Participating Exhibitors Will Receive
  • One 2' x 6' black covered and skirted table
  • Table sign with company name and booth number

Smart Home Pavilion

The Future of Housewares

Housewares are getting smart. Not just how they’re designed and how they function, but how they’re sold. Connectivity is being incorporated into nearly every corner of the home – from light bulbs to coffee brewers, from thermostats to ovens – connected products, once only a dream, are fast becoming a reality.

The in-store retail experience is catching up. Interactive displays, augmented reality and experiential activities are playing a role in keeping consumers engaged in brick-and-mortar establishments. New retail models are making it possible for emerging product developers to come to market. All of these concepts are on full display in the Hall of Global Innovation at The Inspired Home Show.

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