The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 2–4, 2025 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 2—4 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

Exhibitor Services Kit

Exhibitor Booth Diagram Form


If you have a booth in more than one category, a form needs to be completed for each booth.

Please submit the following information and booth measurements by downloading this form and returning it to your Sales Manager.

Metric dimensions will not be accepted and will be returned to ensure dimensions are converted correctly to meet guidelines.

A schematic /diagram/picture of your booth along with the following:
  • Elevation drawing: a scaled drawing depicting front, back and side views of an exhibit with details of all the heights in the exhibit from multiple points in the exhibit
  • The width and depth of your booth in feet and/or inches
  • Height of any walls in feet and/or inches
  • If requiring drain/water/electricity – the location of the port being accessed
  • Location of signage/branding

Booth Rules and Guidelines:

  • IHA does not supply pipe and drape, carpet or any part of the booth. The exhibitor must have appropriate flooring, backwall and signage. A company may not use a neighboring booth structure as their back or side walls. Hanging items from a neighboring booth is prohibited.
  • If your backwall faces another exhibitor and is over 8 feet high, it must be flush and finished in a neutral color with no signage/logos or otherwise.
  • If sidewalls are being used, at any height, facing into a neighbor, it must be flush and finished, neutral in color with no branding/pictures, etc. and are that exhibitor’s responsibility. If they are exposed and need to be covered it will be charged to that exhibitor.
  • Your backwall will be set 12 inches from the back of your booth to allow electric to be laid and accessible to appropriate parties (ex: If your booth depth is 10 feet, your backwall needs to be placed at 9 feet.)
  • Must allow a 6-inch gap on both sides of your backwall to allow access behind your wall.
  • Any signage, with branding of any kind, that is above your wall height, may not directly show into your neighbor’s booth and needs to be 10 feet from any sharing wall. Booths in violation will be asked to correct at the exhibitors expense.
  • Multi-level/covered booths must adhere to all IHA/McCormick/OVG regulations identified in the Show Guidelines.
  • Requests for hanging signs must be sent by December 18, 2023 – Restrictions apply.

Any changes after the booth has been approved must be re-submitted to the appropriate manager for approval. If you are shipping your booth, please be aware of your target freight date.

Please submit diagram by February 2, 2024 to the appropriate Show Manager:

Katie Thill
Tabletop, Kitchen Essentials+ Accents
[email protected]

Stacey Barrett-Brooks
Cookware + Bakeware, ISPP
[email protected]

Alyssa Fulton
Wired + Well, Smart Home, International Sourcing
[email protected]

Michele Orto
Clean + Contain
[email protected]