The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 2–4, 2025 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 2—4 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

Exhibitor Services Kit

Managing Trade Guests


Over the years, we have received complaints from a number of exhibitors concerning the distraction that some trade guests create on the Show floor.



To address those complaints, IHA takes steps to pre-qualify those guests on the floor.

  • We have identified the roles of those guests that exhibitors have told us create the greatest challenges and will charge them a $100 badge fee. Their badge will identify them as a Trade Guest by a yellow stripe at the bottom.
  • For those less distracting guests, such as students or designers, they will be able to enter without charge. Their badge will identify them as an Industry Affiliate by a clear stripe at the bottom.

Many of you have told us that you invite your third party providers to meet with you at the Show. Please make certain that you notify them that they will be charged if they fit the definition of “Trade Guest.”

Each “Trade Guest” and “Industry Affiliate” has been instructed to be respectful of each exhibitor’s time. They are aware that your primary reason for exhibiting is to reach out to the retailing and buying community. If you would like to review our Trade Guest Code of Conduct, please visit our website at

In the event that you are approached by any of these guests at the Show and you believe that they may offer something of value to your organization, but do not wish to speak to them in your booth, you may prepare a version of the letter shown below. This will instruct these potential suppliers on the most efficient way to contact the appropriate person in your company after the Show.

If any of these guests do not abide by the Trade Guest Code of Conduct, please let us know by emailing the name of the guest to Connie Chantos at [email protected].

Using this template, consider creating a handout to distribute to trade guests visiting your booth. (Fill in the names of your appropriate personnel.)


Dear Trade Guest:

We are quite busy here at the Show. If you would like to contact us regarding your project or service, please do so after the Show. You may use the list below to direct your proposal to the appropriate person in our organization.

Thank You.


Operations    [Name]    [phone or email]
IT                   [Name]    [phone or email]
Marketing      [Name]    [phone or email]
Sales             [Name]    [phone or email]