The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 2–4, 2025 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 2—4 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

Exhibitor Services Kit

Complimentary Wireless Form



The International Housewares Association has arranged to provide limited wireless service (WIFI) to you complimentary as a convenient way to check your email and web surf during The Inspired Home Show 2024. The complimentary service should ONLY be used for non-mission-critical applications such as general web surfing and Internet-based email access. Access to the WiFi network is based on the volume of users and cannot be guaranteed.

McCormick Place Technology Services is committed to delivering the highest quality internet and networking services in the industry. Experience has shown that wireless service is inherently vulnerable to interference from other devices that utilize the same radio frequency spectrum. It is for this reason that we highly recommend that if you plan to use the Internet to demonstrate or present products that are mission critical to your exhibit, a hard-wired service is the best way to go. If you need help with selecting the proper Internet service for your exhibit, please call McCormick Place’s Technology Services Staff at +1-312-791-6113 and they will be happy to assist you. An order form is available in the online Exhibitor’s Services Kit that can be found within your exhibitor portal.


To access WIFI service:

  • Your device/computer must have an 802.11 a/g/n/ac Wireless Network Interface Card (Integrated, PCMCIA, or USB)
  • Set the SSID setting on your wireless card to “TIHS2024”


The following services will function with wireless:

  • General web browsing – HTTP and HTTPS
  • Client initiated services originating from the exhibit floor; FTP file transfer, TFTP file transfer, POP3 and SMTP mail protocols, Telnet.
  • IHA’s 2024 Show Mobile App.
  • Most outbound remote control applications such as PC Anywhere, Remote Terminal and Citrix.
  • Basic Instant Messaging
  • Lead Retrieval Devices

The following applications and Internet activities will NOT function and/or may disrupt other attendee and exhibitor access:

  • Audio, Video, Data Streaming
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Large File Transfers (over 10MB)
  • Net Meeting (inbound or outbound)
  • Inbound SNMP
  • Routing Devices
  • Inbound Remote Control applications (Citrix, PC Anywhere, Remote Terminal Service, etc)
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Inbound FTP
  • Advanced Instant Messaging (such as whiteboard sharing)


Due to the potential for disruption of the McCormick Place wireless network, no wireless access points are authorized for use on hard wired services less than 6Mbps. McCormick Place Technology Services requires prior approval at least 30 days before the show’s opening date. Any company that is planning on showcasing wireless products must contact McCormick Place Technology Services no later than February 28, 2024 and submit the Wireless Access Point Waiver form.

Per the McCormick Place Terms and Conditions listed at, misuse of any wireless service may result in service interruption to yourself or other exhibitors and can lead to disconnection of your equipment. No refunds will be given.