Global Innovations Awards (Gia)

Excellence in Product Design

The IHA Global Innovation Awards (gia) for product design honor exhibitors’ latest creations and cutting-edge innovations with award recognition. All products entered into the New Product Showcase will be considered for a gia Award. A panel of experts that includes designers, retailers and news media will determine five finalists in each of 14 categories.

Product finalists selected by the judges will be announced prior to the Show. A single winner in each product category will be announced during the gia Awards Gala on Saturday night of the Show.

Products are evaluated on the following criteria:

Product presents an original concept, employs new technology or materials or offers unique functionality or benefits compared to existing products.

Product appearance differentiates an appealing alternative to existing products in form, color, texture or material.

User Benefits
Product demonstrates enhanced functionality and additional user comfort, safety or convenience over existing products.

Ecological Responsibility
Product is distinguished because of the materials or processes used in production, distribution or packaging, because of its impact on user behavior for conserving natural resources, or because of its contribution to improving social conditions.

Market Impact and Positioning
Product offers unique price/value alternative in its market positioning.


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