The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 2–4, 2025 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 2—4 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

American consumers are focused on a healthier lifestyle and sustainable products for their homes. Here are some of the products representing these trends at The Inspired Home Show 2020, March 14-17, in Chicago.

Healthy Living

  • Zoku Neat Stack food storage containers feature leak-proof lids that provide watertight seals and latches that are easy to open and close; they are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. The Neat Stack Freezer Pack is a reusable ice pack that can be stored in the freezer and then either snaps under the lids or nests on top of the lid to help cold food stay chilled and fresh.
  • Betty Bossi Veggie Sheet Slicer transforms zucchinis, potatoes, beets and more into paper-thin sheets, with minimal effort. Designed to make it easy to reinterpret classic daily dishes into low-carb entrees or crunchy colorful chips. Comes with recipes.
  • The Blix Smart Food Maker is comprised of the Xi machine and Blix [single serve] Cups that work in tandem to serve up nutrient-dense smoothies, soups, spreads and more. Blix Cups feature built-in blades and RFID tags so the machine can “read” each cup and adjust blending accordingly with the touch of a button.
  • Built Grip Insulating Food Jars, available in 10-oz and 16-oz sizes, help keep food cold for up to 9 hours or hot for up to 7 hours with their double-walled, vacuum-insulated, 18/8 stainless steel construction. With a soft rubber grip for a comfortable hold, these food jars are easy to open and close.
  • The Capresso Grind Select Coffee Burr Grinder features a solid steel burr grinding disk that delivers consistent, uniform grinding for any brewing method. The 15-position grind selector makes it easy to choose the ideal grind for any type of espresso machine or for a drip coffee maker, French Press, percolator or pour-over brewer.
  • The GoodCook Touch Folding Digital Thermometer features a retractable 180-degree thermocouple probe—a high-precision sensor that provides accurate temperature reads from -4°F to 482°F (or Celsius) within 3 seconds.
  • Bialetti Smartfit Cookware line is a 10-piece nesting set that comes with a HALO™ Ring System designed to organize and protect. The heavy-gauge aluminum cookware features utensil-safe, titanium-reinforced ceramic nonstick interior and oven-safe riveted silicone handles. The set includes an 8” and 10” fry pan, 2-qt and 3-qt saucepans with lids, 12” everyday fry pan with lid, 5-qt Dutch oven with lid and 5 HALO rings.
  • The SpiraSlice vegetable pasta maker from DKB Household can be used to turn veggies and fruit into pasta. It comes with 3 interchangeable blades to create sheets, Tagliatelle and Spaghetti. and can be used on all types of potatoes, squash, radishes, beetroot, cucumber, apples and more. Includes a suction pad base for safe and secure attachment to a work surface.
  • Kenmore Floorcare’s AllergenSeal™ Bagless Upright is a powerful, lightweight bagless vacuum with a completely sealed air path system that offers a pet-friendly all-in-one upright with air filtration. Weighs less than 15 lbs. and includes swivel steering for easy maneuverability, 10’ hose reach for all the hard to reach areas, a 2-motor system with carpet and bare floor modes, XL dust cup for whole home capacity and a 3-in-1 combination tool.
  • The 3-layered Ginsan knife series from Kikuichi combines a thin stainless blade with a core of Ginsan Silver 3 steel, sandwiched between two pieces of 440 stainless. This adds strength to the blade and allows for a thin, strong and precise blade. Hand-finished with a handmade walnut and water buffalo horn handle, the knife is available in all sizes from 3” paring to 10.5”.
  • The LUX LCD by Market Solutions Group Inc. functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and more. It is designed with an interactive and easy to use digital LCD screen that features 10 cooking functions including dessert, eggs and grains, and more than 30 programmable settings. It also features a FLEX function that allows the cooker to be used as a stockpot or sous vide.
  • Mealthy’s CrispLid includes 5 dehydrate settings and a deep basket to convert any 6-qt and 8-qt electric pressure cooker into an air fryer and dehydrator. Broil, crisp, air fry and dehydrate directly in the stainless-steel pot of an electric pressure cooker. Includes tongs, heat-resistant silicone mat, deep basket, raised trivet and recipe book.
  • Robinson Home Products’ ExactEdge™ system features a patented self-sharpening system that guides the knife into place at the correct angle. Each ExactEdge™ block also includes a steel magnetic strip that captures the shavings other knife sharpening systems may leave behind.
  • StoreMaxx Inc.®, under its flagship Snap Pak® brand, introduces Hot Box® to allow consumers to enjoy a naturally steam-heated meal anywhere, anytime. The technology behind the Therma Pak™ heating unit boils the water and generates steam for any prepared meal, allowing users options for a steam-heated, healthy meal while away from home.
  • The Moccamaster Cup-One is a single-serve, pod-free coffee brewer. The Cup-One features a specially designed brew-basket to steep coffee and brews a 10-oz cup in just four minutes; it shuts off when the brew cycle is done.
  • Tricol Clean is introducing Everplush for kitchens. The ribbed construction of the terry kitchen cloth catches surface debris with minimal effort and can be used for everyday kitchen and bathroom surface cleaning. The Ribbed Terry bar mops and kitchen cloths feel like cotton but perform like microfiber.
  • The Wine FREEZE™ by True Brands features a proprietary cooling gel that can be used to cool red wines to the perfect cellar temperature or can be stored in the freezer to chill white wines. Each glass is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling.
  • The Artisan bakeware series by Winnington Metal is designed to promote even baking and browning. The muffin pan features non-stick coating to deliver high performance release and textured built-in handles for a comfortable grip.



  • Chef’n has introduced its Chef’n Nut Milk Maker so users can make them fresh at home. It includes a reusable filter and glass carafe, creating the perfect kit for making and storing alternative milks. The strainer is easy to use and clean.
  • Bottle Bright is a natural, biodegradable, grime-fighting cleaning tablet. It doesn’t require soap, sink or scrubbing. Bottle Bright tablets dissolve in water creating tiny, effervescent bubbles that power through stains and odors in minutes.
  • HotSips’ SingleSips are pre-washed, reusable straws created for hot and cold beverages. SingleSips is a single, pre-washed 8” HotSips in a petite, portable travel tube.
  • Crane is introducing a filter-free cool mist humidifier with aroma diffuser. The top fill humidifier makes it easy to clean and fill. Essentials oils can be added directly in the tank. It also has an optional color changing nightlight.
  • Dexas International is unveiling a composite wood fiber material suited for cutting board use. Made from a natural wood fiber material that has been in use in professional kitchens, the cutting boards feature distinctive colors and patterns, and are durable and heat resistant. They have non-slip rubber grips and are dishwasher safe.
  • The Emile Henry Delight Tagine is designed to go from the stove or oven to the table. Made in France of Burgundy clay, the 2.5-qt Tagine is designed for all stovetops including induction. It is 100% natural.
  • GoSili is a reusable eco-friendly silicone straw that comes with a travel case. The portable travel case and straw are easy to use and clean; both the straw and carry case are dishwasher safe.
  • Grosche International Inc. is introducing the OASIS, an infuser water bottle that is a BPA-free, double-insulated water bottle with a removable stainless-steel strainer for fruit infusion. Each bottle comes with a unique code that allows the user to meet the family their purchase has provided 50+ days of safe drinking water to.
  • Kitchen Concepts Unlimited LLC’s Butterie is an innovative flip-top butter dish that allows the user to enjoy soft spreadable butter at any time, without the need for refrigeration.
  • The madesmart® Drying Stone™ Dish Rack is a multi-level dish rack composed of high-quality plastic and an absorbent, mineral-based material designed to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Composed of non-toxic, naturally occurring materials with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, the Drying Stone™ eliminates germs through a rapid dehydration process upon contact to improve the hygiene of dishes and utensils placed in the compartments or on the mat to dry.
  • Piknik Company’s sustainable bamboo cutlery set includes a knife, fork, spoon and set of chopsticks. Encased in a cotton/linen carrying bag, the bamboo cutlery is environmentally friendly, renewable, lightweight, durable and stain and odor resistant.


Children’s Products

  • Method Sourcing Corp.’s Tiny Footprint is a line of eco-friendly bamboo fiber tableware designed specifically for children. Sustainable, biodegradable and dishwasher safe, Tiny Footprint can be a child’s first eating set.
  • The Chef’n QuickQuad quickly and safely quarters carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grapes, strawberries and more for afternoon snacks, lunches and veggie platters.
  • The Wolf’em Stick is a new, roasting stick perfect for BBQs, backyard fire pits and family reunions. It includes double rotary handle, detachable stainless-steel hot dog/marshmallow roaster plus biscuit cup attachment.
  • The Kilner® Kids Jars from Typhoon Homewares are available in two sizes of 110ml and 190ml. They are ideal for storing healthy homemade baby food in glass rather than plastic. The jars are freezer safe and suitable for microwave warming providing that the contents are fully defrosted. The easy, push on silicone lids are airtight and leak-proof, making it easier for busy parents on-the-go.


Smart Home

  • Zojirushi’s smart oven, the Micom Toaster Oven ET-ZLC30, comes with 12 functions, including an automatic rise-then-bake homemade function that proofs shaped dough and automatically switches to bake. The interior is wide enough to accommodate a 12” pizza or 4 slices of toast. The control panel on the bottom makes for a smaller footprint.
  • Carta by Plott is a measurement wheel to virtually map any space. Carta draws the path users walk in real time over imported images, blueprints and satellite images. Add notes, images and videos to a project to create a control center for any project, all on a mobile device. When finished mapping out a project, revisit points to build or plan with Carta’s guidance mode.
  • NeverMeasure is a multipurpose picture hanging tool that includes precise spacing, leveling and placement capabilities. The auto-centering feature allows for a quick and easy way to find the center of a space or object out to 36”. The locking screw permits the user to precisely transfer a dimension from a template or back of a picture to where it will be placed. The bubble vials level projects for fastener placement.
  • Quirky Pivot Power Metallics by Viatek Consumer Products Group International is a flexible surge-protecting power strip that bends to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet. It comes in metallic colors – silver, rose gold and gold with a cloth covered cord.

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