The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show

March 2–4, 2025 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 2—4 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The second annual edition of the HomePage News InSight™ Trend Index was launched today on HomePage News, a service of the International Housewares Association. The series of digital portfolios provides a guide to emerging and enduring home and housewares trends through the products and innovations that embody them.

This comprehensive series is produced and presented by HomePage News in partnership with Springboard Futures and its founder and industry trend authority Tom Mirabile, and creative director Dawn Evans, who also serves as IHA’s director of marketing.

The InSight Trend Index 2024/25 will be released on in a series of 10 themed portfolios through the end of 2024. As with the inaugural InSight Trend Index, the Springboard team explored influential trade shows in the U.S. and abroad seeking home and housewares trends driven by global influences such as such as design, consumer lifestyle and functional/material innovation.

Trend has become the foundation of successful home and housewares development and retailing across all channels. InSight was created as a highly visual tool to help designers, suppliers and retailers explore prevailing trends.

“The HomePage News InSight Trend Index 2024/25 demonstrates how trend can be enduring and evolutionary, often prone to subtle, yet still meaningful shifts in lifestyle dynamics that can direct nuanced, yet vital adjustments in product development, marketing and merchandising,” said Peter Gianetti, editor-in-chief of HomePage News.

InSight 2024/2025 takes the objective of the first series a step further by highlighting added marketplace intelligence and data to provide greater depth into the trends discovered and explored by InSight.

The first portfolio of the series, “Great Entertainers,” reveals how the home entertaining trend that kicked off the inaugural series a year ago, as represented by a wide range of products, has evolved as a primary catalyst for home and housewares growth.

“Trend today isn’t just about what’s new and next, it’s often driven by what’s now, what resonates with us and the way we want to live in this moment,” said Tom Mirabile, principal of Springboard Futures. “That’s why successful trend analysis and forecasting always starts with an understanding of the consumer’s mindset. The InSight portfolios address trends in the context of consumer lifestyle realities and aspirations.”

Future InSight portfolios include:

  • Easy Does It: How products answer consumers’ demand for time, space and experience.
  • Pantone ColorWatch: Lee Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute covers essential palettes for home and housewares for 2024-25.
  • Future Focus: A next-level exploration of sustainability and eco-responsible products.
  • Change is Brewing: A product review of how advances in the sphere of beverage, coffee, tea and hydration are moving markets.
  • Adventure Capitalists: A focus on how new product innovations and technologies are feeding the growing passion for all things outdoors.
  • Forces of Nature: A look at how consumers’ love of natural elements and themes is impacting product design, form and style.
  • Striking Contrasts: A study of the spectrum of disparate styles that are driving the market forward and influencing design, form, color and finish.
  • World of Wellness: An exploration of the ever-expanding definition of wellness and its influence on proactive and reactive product development.
  • Clean Slates: A review of the latest and greatest solutions for an organized and efficient home environment.


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