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March 2–4, 2025 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

The World’s Leading Home + Housewares Show
March 2—4 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

New research from the IHA shows more couples are choosing separate bedrooms in the name of good sleep and what’s best for a long-lasting relationship.

One in five adults (21% of respondents) say they currently maintain separate bedrooms in their house from their spouse, partner or significant other. And it appears to be a choice that’s gaining traction. 22% of this group say they just began this arrangement in the last year. (Respondents were surveyed in January of 2023.)

The top reason? 46% say a partner’s snoring or other incompatible sleep habits caused them to opt for separate bedrooms.

“People may be surprised by this trend. But when you peel back the layers, it makes immense sense,” says Leana Salamah, IHA, vice president, marketing. “In our 2022 IHA Market Watch Report, consumers made it crystal clear that mental wellness is a priority in their lives. Sixty percent of those surveyed cited quality sleep or restfulness as having the most beneficial impact on their mental wellbeing.

“What’s more, we’re coming off a few pandemic years when people spent a lot more time at home with their family,” she continues. “A separate bedroom that offers a night-time sanctuary and a place for good night’s sleep seems like a logical choice for people looking for ways to relax and recharge.”

Opportunities for Home and Housewares

• A bedroom is the one room many kids get to personalize and make their own. But what are the implications for home and housewares when each adult in a home also increasingly has their own room?

• First, the obvious: more mattresses, bed frames, bedding sets and pillows. And depending on the space available in someone’s home, it may include space-saving furniture or items that do double duty (say a bed with built-in storage compartments for crafting items).

• There might be more overall emphasis on creating a soothing, bedroom atmosphere. Think soft lighting, comfy throw blankets, live plants and scented diffusers. You can even get a fountain, diffuser and relaxing light all-in-one with AquaFlame.

• Items specifically designed to help with a good night’s sleep will likely draw attention, such as this Bluetooth sleep mask from Empower and body pillows like this one from Contour.

• And certainly, there’s the opportunity to personalize the space for one and only one person. This might mean décor that skews traditionally masculine or feminine, as with these floral decals. But it might also mean more items or décor that really speak to someone’s personal interests and style. Printed Canvas is just one vendor adding a personal touch to throw pillows, paintings and printed art with cheeky captions, humorous quotes and sometimes even loving sentiments.

More Survey Data

Of those who sleep in separate bedrooms:

• 52% said the arrangement has had no impact on or actually improved their relationship.

• 75% have lived together for 10 or more years.

• Adults 65 years or older are three times as likely to make this choice (29%), compared to adults 18-34 years old (10%).


The New York Times reported on IHA’s research in this article “I Love You but I Don’t Want to Sleep With You.”

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